Range of services provided by our Law Firm

Law Firm DOUBEK & PARTNERS provides our clients with a wide range of high quality legal services, especially in following areas:

Corporate Law

Law Firm DOUBEK & PARTNERS specializes in providing counseling services within the scope of corporate law, internal corporate rules, the holding of General Meetings, the transferring of shares, the drafting of memoranda of association as well as articles of association and their changes, contracts on the performance of the statutory body of the corporation, company formation, the establishment of branches of domestic or foreign legal entities and ensuring the liquidation of corporations.

Law of obligations

Law Firm DOUBEK & PARTNERS provides legal services in the area of contract and delictual obligations, including obligations regulated by the New Civil Code and associated regulations. Legal services in this sphere particularly encompass the preparation of contractual documentation according to the specific client´s requirements, the review and assessment of whether or not the already signed contracts meet the requirements brought about by the recodification of private law, including related counseling and representation ad litem.

Real estate and development

Law Firm DOUBEK & PARTNERS renders comprehensive legal services to its clients in the area of sale, purchase or rent of all types of real estate, including legal services related to the construction of residential and commercial projects within the whole territory of the Czech Republic. Part of the rendered services is also the Escrow Agreement, which is when our Law Firm serves as the Escrow Agent of the purchase price to ensure the highest possible degree of legal certainty for the participants of contractual relations.

Insolvency Law

Law Firm DOUBEK & PARTNERS provides legal advisory and representation of clients within insolvency proceedings, filing the applications of the receivables, drafting of debtor´s or creditor´s insolvency petitions, as well as representing clients in creditors institutions and other related services.

Debt recovery

Law Firm DOUBEK & PARTNERS has a team of employees specializing in debt recovery through extrajudicial and judicial solutions by using modern SW tools and a maximum work efficiency in regards to the management of debt recovery.


Law Firm DOUBEK & PARTNERS provides legal services in the matters of insurance contracts, specializing in credit insurance and business risk management.

Logistics and International transportation

Law Firm DOUBEK & PARTNERS cooperates with significant clients in the sector of air and land transport of passengers and cargo, including the representation of clients in relating judicial and administrative proceedings. We possess knowledge of relevant directly applicable EU legislation and case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union related to this particular area.

Public contracts

Law Firm DOUBEK & PARTNERS focuses on the issues of administration of public contracts, preparation of tender documentation for the contracting entity, legal services associated with participation of the tenderer in the award procedure, elaborating legal analysis for various subjects participating in the award procedure, as well as general legal counseling in the sphere of public procurement.

Administrative Law

The spheres of specialization of Law Firm DOUBEK & PARTNERS within the administrative law are administrative offenses and the imposing of administrative penalties in general, including representation of the clients before the administrative authorities and subsequent hearing before the administrative court.

Criminal Law

Law Firm DOUBEK & PARTNERS provides legal assistance in the field of criminal law at all stages of criminal proceedings, especially in the preparation and application of the defence of the accused and representing the victim in the matter of compensation for damage caused by crime.

Procedural representation of clients before public authorities

Law Firm DOUBEK & PARTNERS renders comprehensive legal representation in the above mentioned matters in judicial and administrative proceedings within the territory of the Czech Republic.